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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Religous Leadership

I did not endear myself to a certain local religious leader today. Moïse and I had stopped by his house last night and asked to talk to him. He was playing cards with some friends and told us to come back the next morning. When we showed up again he said he only had 10 minutes for me, would that be enough? No, I said, but I'll take the 10 minutes and return at another time to finish the interview. Then we waited for some time (during which one of his friends from the night before who'd several times had the maid refix her drink to get it just right sneered at me, "You should be preparing your questions for the clergyman, shouldn't you?) and finally he was ready to talk to us. I asked him if he was from the area and, if not, how long he'd lived there. He answered, "I'm not from Fond Verrettes," and then added a big "thank God!" I saw Moïse, who is from Fond Verrettes, startle when he said that. I asked about the flood disasters and he mentioned that he's on most every committee in Fond Verrettes and has been influential in getting some aid. I mentioned that many people were still living in harm's way and he agreed and talked on about that. Then I asked him if it did not present a problem that he was building such a grand church and presbytery while so many others, members in the church even, were still living in the flood zone with no possibility of rebuilding elsewhere. He immediately became cold and said there was no relationship between the two; they'd begun the church buildings before the 2004 flood. After that he refused to answer any more of my questions. Suddenly he knew very little about the area. On my way out I was looking for Moïse who'd gone off with a friend. The sneering lady said in a mean voice, "You can't go look for him.
When you come with someone you have to wait for him." I decided to just ignore her and soon found Moïse.

When you come with someone you have to wait for him." I decided to just ignore her and soon found Moïse.


At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good for you for asking him the "tough" questions! Lori


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