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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Extra Reading

I did not bring along enough leisure reading material for this past week in Fond Verrette—only one New Yorker magazine that I'd already partially read. It gets dark by 6 pm and besides talking to Ben (we found some crazy way that Ben can call me at a New Jersey number that goes through a cell phone communicating with towers in the Dominican Republic and rings at the Fond Verrettes radio station!) and writing research notes longhand, I read the New Yorker in the evenings by headlamp (thank you, Sara!). By the end of the week I'd read every article, every "talk of the town," every cartoon, and even every single review and announcement of movies, books, plays and restaurants! For being in a far-out place with no electricity and no real road to speak of, I certainly was up-to-date on happenings in Manhattan. I really knew I was hard up when I started reading the small print of the advertisements. Next time I know to bring a book!


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