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Friday, June 16, 2006

From June 14

I had a pretty good day but am very tired. Still didn't get to the 1986 photos, but have a meeting for Friday when hopefully they will be found. We stopped by the Office of Civil Protection (the govt disaster agency) and talked with a man I met last summer who is very in the know about my study area. He said he would accompany us but he is sick right now (in fact, he was on the way to the doctor's and had tried to escape our notice but someone who didn't know this led us back to him after we'd already left the building) so maybe later this month or next. Stopped by the UTSIG office to deliver a letter--my request for data. Then we (Andrenor and Ludger, the two univ students) went to the UNDP office and met for quite a while with a man who works there, and he gave us all the reports UNDP has (a huge stack) even though they are not yet official. He was quite interesting and has a book by a geographer he thinks might interest me.

Then we went to the RNDDH office to work--look over the reports and the GIS data I have. That didn't go so well, because they really have had almost no experience with GIS and I don't know any of the vocabulary for this sort of thing. We ate lunch around 2pm with everyone at RNDDH--it was someone's birthday so there were two delicious cakes from a french patisserie--and then, after a little more GIS work we watched some of the Germany-Poland soccer match. I wrote a letter requesting information from the FAES office, and then got a ride home with Pierre.

Tonight Rodrigue had some corn from a friend's field and he grilled it over charcoal for us and we all sat around outside eating it.


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