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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Monday, July 3

I went to the RNDDH office early today to use their printer and phone, then to the bank and the Bureau de Protection Civil with Andrenor. I walked to the UTSIG office and picked up the data!!! Yea! Now I have orthophotographs of my study site as well as some other government GIS data of the area. UTSIG has been extremely helpful. I went back to the BPC office for a quick chat with H about arranging travel with him to Fond Verrettes next week. Then to the univerisity in Damien (via a new--for me--taptap route) to talk with Andrenor and Director Richmond. I went to the university library to do some research but instead ended up rearranging the card catalogue boxes into their correct order--that had been bothering me for some time--and then decided I wasn't feeling well (allergies, heat, dust, etc.) enough to stay so I went home to rest and get ready for the trip to Fond Verrettes.


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