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Friday, June 16, 2006

From June 15

Today was a national holiday. I went to meet Moise at 8am to make plans for staying in Fond Verrettes. It looks like he and his aunt will go with us--Moise will be our guide and his aunt will do the cooking. We'll stay with his aunt's mother. Moise is related to Julien, the school teacher that I thought we would be staying with, but Julien is his cousin, not his father. Moise tells me there is no food in FV (the market is only on Fridays, and is not very big) so we will need to bring that with us, it makes sense for us to stay with Moise's aunt's mother. Whew! His aunt and I will go grocery shopping on Monday.

I've spent the rest of the day here, reading UNDP reports in French, catching up on the news, and taking a nap. I'm feeling a little stir-crazy but trying to relax and enjoy the uneventful day. Tomorrow there is a party at RNDDH for Sylvia and Edwin, who are leaving MCC; I'm looking forward to it.

This morning around 7 am I went to Pierre and Chrismene's bedroom door to see if I could get a ride with Pierre--turned out he wasn't going to the office today--and found the whole family all in bed together. It was very cute! I think the girls usually go get in bed with their parents in the early morning and the family spends time together. They are very close. I remember times when most of my family would all be on one bed or in the bathroom all brushing our teeth at once. :)


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