Haiti is suffering from the massive Jan 12 earthquake and needs our help. Below I've posted some first-hand accounts of the quake from people in Haiti. Please consider a donation to an organization in Haiti. If you would like to give directly to a Haitian family, please contact me (anna.versluis@gmail.com).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

News from Guerino, a pastor in Haiti

"Thank you very much for your prayer. God helped me to find a way to send you this mail. I left Haiti on January 11 to Paris. I arrived in Paris early on January 12. The earthquake was on Tuesday, January 13. I received that news on Wednesday morning. My house cracked but by the grace of the Lord my children are safe. After the big earthquake, there have been many aftershocks; because of that, people do not want to stay in their houses. Some neighbors decided to stay on an empty lot to spend the time together. Today, I tried to have contact them by phone but no success. My wife is with me but in a very bad situation. Please continue to pray that they can fortify my wife and to keep my children in a safe condition. Continue to pray for the country. I don’t know yet what I can do directly, because there is no communication now. Pease pray that the Lord can open doors and show what I need to do. Thank you very much for your support."


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