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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Everything's Related

My one month with the Trooper is over with as of today. There is a hole in the exhaust so I dropped the Trooper off at the garage and asked the mechanic to return the vehicle to the owners after he fixes it. (He is good friends with the owners, who also happen to be the same family that Janis' college roommate comes from.) The mechanic said he'd give me a ride home. Soon we were talking about friends we had in common, specifically three men who run a lodge I used to stay at high up in the mountains between Port-au-Prince and the south coast of Haiti. On the way down Delmas I realized I'd forgotten to pick up the questionnaires I'd had photocopied and asked the mechanic to drop me off there instead. He said, oh, that's my cousin's place; I'll just drop in to say hi to her. Last week I'd run into the photocopy lady at the grocery store and she'd told me the photocopier was working again if I had more things to copy. Then I'd gone to the other main grocery store in Port-au-Prince and run into the mechanic and his family. Also, the mechanic's father was the head of Haiti's forest service for over 30 years—this is the government branch that is charged with protecting the Pine Forest, which is part of my study area. It is such a small world here.


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