Haiti is suffering from the massive Jan 12 earthquake and needs our help. Below I've posted some first-hand accounts of the quake from people in Haiti. Please consider a donation to an organization in Haiti. If you would like to give directly to a Haitian family, please contact me (anna.versluis@gmail.com).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

News from Sandy, a missionary in Haiti

"Yesterday at 5PM we were home from work in our second story apartment. They had just hooked up the small generator so that we could have some electric after none for a couple days. We were in the kitchen when vibrations started and built to a crescendo. I thought the little generator was exploding. It lasted too long so we knew it was an earthquake. Everything started falling. The floor began to drop, ceiling tiles, cracks everywhere, everything fell off. I'm yelling Jesus save us. Jim is yelling Sandy we have to get out. We couldn't move till it got a bit more stable. We tried the front but the stairway had collapsed. The back door was open and we went over the back patio. It was only about 6 feet off the ground. Two men from a short term mission team ran to catch us as we jumped out. It was terrifying. Our new apartment has huge cracks but is standing straight. We cannot get in as the doors are stuck shut. The clinic main building is pretty good. Pharmacy and central supply are awful. The roof is on by a thread and it may drop at any time. We cannot get our supplies!!! Last night we worked all night long. 6 people died in our immediate work. Many more will. Most were children. Many open fractures, 2 little girls paralyzed, horrible lacerations that you cannot imagine. 3 babies born We took a couple hours off this morning from 4-6 AM. We started again early and they came in droves, desperate for help. We had only 2 docs, although our eye doc was sewing up head lacerations. All missionaries were fine as well as short term teams. We are exhausted. We have almost no supplies and medicines left. Please PRAY for us."


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